2020 Youth Force Group Registration

This is where you register your group.  We will need the group leader name and the number of expected team members.  We know things can and probably will change, but we need to have an idea of how many you are planning to bring.  The deposit rate is $50.00 per person by check and $52.00 per person if paid online. That is due at the time of registration.  You can pay here at this site with a credit card or mail your deposit in to

OKUMC Youth Force  1501 NW 24 Oklahoma City, OK 73106


*First Name
*Last Name
*What is the name of your church?
*Which Youth Force Site are you registering for?


Please check below the site you want to go to

Frederick, OK                     June 7 - 12
Oklahoma City, OK            June 7 - 12
Vinita, OK                          June 7 - 12
Guymon , OK                    June 21 - 25
Ardmore, OK closed
How many students do you think you might have?
How many adults do you think you might have?
*How would you like to make your deposit?
by credit card
I would like to mail in a check
To pay by credit card

The deposit is $52.00 per person. (or $50.00 per person if paid by check)

Only number values are allowed
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