Annual Conference Evaluation 2016

Thank you for completing our evaluation for Annual Conference 2016.

Your responses are important to the planning committee.

Please answer the following questions. Your responses will be considered by the commitee to plan next year's conference.

*1) Online and on-site registration for Annual Conference:
Check-in registration is quick and efficient
Check-in registration is more difficult than it should be
Online registration was easy to find and was quick and easy to complete
Online registration was more difficult to complete than it should be
Online registration for meals is more difficult than it should be
Online registration for meals is quick and easy to understand
If registration needs improvement , do you have suggestions,
2) The facilities at Oklahoma City University were:
No Answer
(The facilities at OCU were:) Other, please specify:
3) I would be willing to move our business sessions to another location in Oklahoma City.
No answer
4) The theme for Annual Conference this year was Enriched by our Diversity, United in our Love. Where did you experience Diversity?
During our worship
In our budget priorities
Learning about OIMC
(Where did you experience diversity?) Other, please specify:
5) I wish the worship services. . .
Utilized more contemporary music
Used more local church choirs
Used more multi-media at St. Luke worship services
Were more inclusive of various ethnic communities.
Offered more variety in music throughout the service.
(I wish the worship services) Other, please specify
6) The area-wide celebration for Bishop Hayes required travel to another location. How did that work for you?
Not a problem
Prefer all events at one site
Watched live online
Did not attend or watch online
7) Did you like the supper option of food trucks?
Fast and tasty
Do it again!
Too far to walk
Did not use the food trucks
8) How useful was the information presented at the ministry display area?
No Answer
Extremely useful
Quite useful
Moderately useful
Slightly useful
Not at all useful
I did not visit the ministry displays
9) The ministry display area was:
10) What would you add to enhance the annual conference experience?
11) What would you discontinue at Annual Conference?
12) Speakers you would recommend for Annual Conference:
13) Make additional comments or suggestions concerning annual conference here:
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