Clergy Mentor Training

*First Name
*Last Name
After watching both part 1 and part 2 videos, answer the following questions.
Questions for Video Part 1
*1) Which of the following are eligible to serve as Clergy Mentors?
Select the best answer.
Ordained Elders in full connection (active and retired)
Ordained Deacons in full connection (active and retired)
Associate Members of the annual conference
Full-time Local Pastors (who have completed Course of Study)
All of the above
*2) Name three (3) of the "Five Cs" presented as worthy subject matter for conversation between Mentors and Provisional Members.
*3) Name one of the two mentoring relationships found in the scriptures as presented in the video.
Questions for Video Part 2
*1) What resource is available on the conference website to serve as a guide for Provisional Members and which Mentors should download?
*2) How many face-to-face meetings should a Mentor and Provisional Member have?
*3) What does the Mentor report on to the Board of Ordained Ministry?
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