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IMPORTANT: Academy participants must attend all modules and stay for the entire class.
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*I have a completed and current background through the Oklahoma Conference. Background checks are a requirement to attend Academy. For questions on background checks, contact the OK Conference @ (405) 530-2199.
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Our average attendance in our Children's Ministries is:
Our average Youth fellowship attendance is:
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Registration Fees

Two or more enrolled in the same Track, from the same church - (if books are shared): 1st enrolled = 100% fee, 2nd enrolled = 50% fee.
INCLUDES: instructional materials/books/and meals
CANCELLATION POLICY: refunds must be approved by the Dean

1st Time Taken ($1,450)
2nd Time Taken ($1,000)
1st Time - 2nd Enrolled - Same Church ($725)
2nd Time - 2nd Enrolled - Same Church ($500)
After enrolling you may pay online with our secure PayPal system or mail a check payable to "Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church" attention Youth Department, 1501 NW 24th, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.
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