Oklahoma Volunteers In Mission Training Registration

Check the www.okvim.org site for additional training dates coming soon.
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*Choose from the following dates:

Deadline is one week prior to event date. Team Leader Training - $50 per person

Sept. 12, 2015, Oklahoma City (registration closed)
Nov. 14, 2015, Oklahoma City (registration closed)
January 30, 2016, Mustang UMC (registration closed)
Feb. 20, 2016 (canceled)
September 24, 2016, Oklahoma City (registration closed)
November 12, 2016, Oklahoma City
October 15, 2016, Stillwater First-UMC (canceled)
*Daytime Phone
Church of Membership
*Have you been on a mission before? (OK VIM or other)
* Have you attended a VIM team leader training previously?
If your answer was yes, what year did you receive the training?
Special Dietary/Medical Needs that should be taken into consideration:
REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOUR FEE IS RECEIVED IN THE VIM OFFICE: MAIL FEES TO VOLUNTEERS IN MISSION - 1501 NW 24TH ST, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73106-3635 For more information contact Kristin Terrell-Wilkes by phone at 405.530.2029; Email to kterrell-wilkes@okumc.org
*To pay online complete this form, and submit. You will be directed to the payment screen.

Payment is expected 7 days prior to training.


Team Leader Training ($50)
I will mail my payment in ($50)
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